Leadership Part#5: Q2 Final Results

High Performance, based on appropriate personal standards/habits and ongoing learning, is the cornerstone of my business success as a Digital Executive in the Software Industry. This is why I am currently in beautiful Vancouver, BC, visiting my business coach, who, since 2012, is helping me get to the next level. […]

Motivation Part# 7: A successful Q2!

As an Executive in the software industry, I am used to this challenging time right now, called quarter’s end. Everyone is busy and giving their best in making it happen, so from a motivation standpoint, it is usually a very exciting time, although not always easy of course. It helps […]

Motivation Part# 5: Creating Energy

I like very much what my Coach often says: “The powerplant doesn’t have energy, it CREATES energy”. From my experience as a Digital Executive: creating this energy is key for being successful, in Business and Private Life. In Business: what am I willing and ready to do, to reach this […]

Motivation Part 1# or moving the needle…

As we know from psychology, motivation is not “just there” and then causes activity, but just the other way round. Taking action CREATES motivation! With “moving the needle’, I want to say: sometimes, motivation develops a life of its own with unexpected, positive results… 🙂 See also my “Lifestyle Definition” […]

Changing Habits Part #6

Q1 is really a tough quarter. Work environment is different, it is way too crowded these days. Sometimes I even have to queue for specific tools and services! Especially in the morning, I need a positive, motivating atmosphere in order to succeed. Very hard to get in Q1. However, experience […]