Motivation Part# 10 “Vision, Strategy and Plan – for life as well!“

In this post I talked about motivation problems after achieving a goal, e.g. when entering a new quarter. As a successful Digital Executive in Software, I firmly believe in that people don’t behave any differently in private life than in business.

This is why I’m setting yearly and quartly goals in private life as well, one example is fitness or health. The bonus there is of course not a monetary one, but a way more active and vibrant life. For me this is also a prerequisite for delivering „high performance“ aka* „high productivity“ aka „getting things done“ and should be for any leadership person in my opinion.

As part of my “I will be running 2000km in 2019“ project (1242.74M) I had introduced a minimum of running 150km (93.21M) in month one of the quarter. This actually has worked really well for me. Today I am proud to report that in October 2019 I had the „best first month in quarter“ in 2019 so to say 🙂 The phrase “What’s measured gets managed” is definitely true for me 😉

In fact it is nothing more than a positive habit. Moving for 30min per day as suggested by the WHO** which developed a life of its own when the numbers became bigger 🙂

This also means that my overall 2019 goal of achieving 2000km just became way more realistic 🙂 Leadership and High Performance are definitely a lifestyle! In Business AND Private Life…

*aka=also known as

**WHO= World Health Organization