Motivation Part# 7: A successful Q2!

As an Executive in the software industry, I am used to this challenging time right now, called quarter’s end. Everyone is busy and giving their best in making it happen, so from a motivation standpoint, it is usually a very exciting time, although not always easy of course.

It helps me to remind myself, that accepting and honoring this struggle, makes things easier.

In a previous post, I had described my habit of exercising and running on a daily basis for being healthy, active and performing high. And how excited I was, that I was able to run 500km (310m) in Q1, 2019, as it was more, than I had ever done before…

As a Digital Executive, I am motivated by numbers and getting to 1000km (621.37m) by end of Q2, therefore sounded like a really attractive goal 🙂

Hey, and so I‘m really proud to report, that today I have completed 1.000km of running in 2019! Excited, to play on a whole different level now. And of course trying to get a head-start into Q3 🙂

Wishing everyone a successful Q2!