Yes, 2020!

I’m happy to report that my project of running 2000 km (1242.74M) in 2019 is about to be finished successfully!

I must say that it’s been an interesting journey not only from a motivation standpoint. Of course motivation is key, as there are definitely days as well when it is simply about #gettingthingsdone

For me it was important to establish this regular exercise as a habit. As one of my personal standards for my work as a high performing Digital Executive in the Software industry.

Setting this goal of 2000 km and then breaking it down into quarters just felt normal, just like business…

In my opinion the situation can be well compared to business because it is rewarding as well. Not in a monetary meaning like usually in business but as important as: in physical fitness. Also in self-esteem. It was expensive but simply felt great when I had to exchange all of my clothing from size XL to L a couple of years ago 😉

It was also very motivating for me when my doctor recently said: „you are an exception in your age category“

I guess he said that as I live in a society where 91% of people do not even get out of their pulse of rest for 30min per day according to a study from 2018. From that perspective it is not that difficult to be an exception… 😉

When I started this project I created some social pressure by telling friends and family about.

The reactions I got were very interesting and came from well-intentioned people who were really concerned about my well being. It went from „this is totally impossible“ to „did you consult a doctor because of your knees?“

My answer was that I don’t have any issues with my knees AND I’m not planning to do a marathon. Just moving for 30 minutes/day 😉

A Leadership/High Performance lifestyle is outside the norm

It is amazing that an active lifestyle combined with healthy nutrition seems beyond imagination for the majority of people in developed countries.

I’m a big hockey fan and a lady there even went so far to say that “running on treadmills doesn’t really count”. I think it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do something. However getting to results simply needs goals and focus. In business and in private life.

I was very surprised when I learned that going to a gym doesn’t necessarily mean focusing on exercising or getting exhausted. The lack of focus is definitely one major problem these days…

2000km (1242.74M) is roughly the distance between Hamburg, Germany and Madrid, Spain and seems to require more than 20h in a car.

Sure it does sound impressive and definitely makes me feel proud but in fact it is simply a positive habit.

As a good business man and as we are about entering a new decade, I will of course go the extra mile and do at least 2020 km by end of month… 🙂

Merry Christmas/Season’s Greetings and a positive 2020 to everyone!