Leadership Part# 9: “At a certain point in time, leadership is simple getting things done”

We’re getting close to to quarter’s end and that’s usually when things get wild. Everyone is doing as well as possible in getting last deals in, projects finished or reaching other great goals.

This is why I am specifically proud to report that I have reached my personal quarterly goal just this morning at about 7.20am. You may remember that I have this health project of running 2.000km in 2019 (1242.74m) going on and this morning I reached the 1.500km (932.06m) line which feels really, really motivating 😉 It is so amazing what’s possible by practicing a positive habit. What a difference in well-being, motivation and productivity!  It’s actually like running from Hamburg, Germany to beautiful Rome, Italy 🙂

Just like any other thoughtful business leader, as a Digital Executive in the software industry, I will keep going as much as I can. Simply for the reason that I don’t have to do in Q4 what I can complete in Q3 and there are 10 days left in the quarter 🙂

Wishing everyone a successful Q3!