Motivation Part# 8: Positive Habits Enable High Performance

As reported previously, I had a very successful Q2 both as a Digital Executive in the software industry and in my private life, particularly regarding my personal standards. Experience shows that maintaining motivation following success can be a bit challenging. From my experience, this is where positive habits come into play—automatically doing things without having to think about them.

In business this might manifest itself by creating a personal planner for each day, preferably created in advance and on a regular basis. Another might be to create a motivating morning routine. For me this means physical exercise followed by a healthy breakfast and some professional preparation for the coming day which encourages me to feel motivated.

Speaking of personal standards this is not always easy. For example, this morning we had high humidity combined with a low temperature which, by my standards, is not really conducive to running outside. However, I went anyway, and since it was my habit to run daily, I didn’t even think about it. I put on my running shoes and ran. Subsequently I met some people walking their dogs; I didn’t get the impression that they were happy to be out and about. On a sunny morning, however, I meet lots of people running outside. The point is: I meet them just on sunny mornings and those are more scarce in beautiful Hamburg, Germany 😉

That is why my learning is:  “Positive Habits Enable High Performance”