#MakingThingsHappen – # 1

As a Digital Executive in the software industry, I have entered the world of leadership, high performance and personal development many years ago.

As we all know progress only happens when there is enough motivation and working towards realistic goals. If goals are unrealistic, motivation is gone and things simply don’t happen. Neither in business, nor in private life. According to studies a big part of the society doesn’t really have goals. There is usually some kind of job providing food, clothing, some social status plus entertainment. And a majority of people actually hate the jobs they’re doing. The good news is that personal development can definitely help in that respect. That’s also why I‘m loving my leadership roles as an executive.

I’m leading an active life which requires a certain level of fitness and I am setting yearly goals, in biz and private life. In 2019 my personal goal was running 2000km. The main intention was staying fit, but I also wanted to try out:

Can I do that at all? Will I have enough motivation and discipline?

It did actually work fine as I set it up like a typical business plan with realistic goals and monthly/quarterly measuring.

I even bought a whiteboard for having a visual representation of progress. This actually helped a lot on rainy cold days at 6am 😉

Other motivation tools I‘m using are mood based music playlists which work great for me. When I‘m at the gym I’m getting up after an exercise and keep walking. This is different from others who prefer staying seated, manipulating their smartphones.

For 2020 I needed other goals allowing different activities beside running. I came up with “I will be be burning 1 million calories in 2020” and “I will be running 1.200km in 2020“ as a second measure. Breaking this down means burning 83.33k calories/months or about 2,740cal/ day and 100km of running which sounds way more friendly (and doable) right away. The calories goal is a bit tricky as for example February has 28 days only.

January is almost over, so it’s about time to give an update. I am proud to report that by tomorrow I will have burned 100.000cal in January. And 118km of running, meaning: I am on plan. And prepared for February as well 😉

In total, I am actually more active than last year and feel great! And this is what it’s all about from my point of view 🙂

I’m wishing everyone enough motivation to #MakingThingsHappen