Motivation Part# 6: Q2 ending soon, or: leadership is getting things done

In a previous post, I talked about that for me, personal leadership/success and business leadership are pretty much the same.

In this post, I had taken you on my personal growth journey, which included establishing a habit of moving/exercising on a regular basis in order to be able to deliver consistent High Performance, in Business and on a personal level. As a successful Digital Executive, I’m very much motivated by numbers and therefore had defined a target of running 500km in Q1/2019.

I felt really proud when I had achieved this, as it was more than I ever had done before in my life.

The real challenge then however was, achieving consistency. A lifestyle, allowing growth and consistent High Performance. Staying on the same level means in my case: 1.000km on a treadmill by end of Q2/2019. And it really is a challenge, because as everybody else, I have days where I don’t feel at all like exercising early in the morning… πŸ˜‰ Therefore the big question for me personally was: how can I create enough energy ?

I started by doing what I do as a Business Leader as well : I created a vision (High Performance in Biz and personally), a strategy (moving min 30min/day), a plan (Creating enough energy every day) and defined milestones. And benefits of course for achieving certain goals πŸ˜‰

One critical milestone was to achieve at least 200km in May, as this number is the pre-requisite in order to achieve the bigger goal by end of June. So I felt proud when I came in at 208km end of May.

In Business, we all know that it is not always possible to control customers/partners behavior and decision processes. The beauty in changing my personal behavior is: I have it 100% under control! The question is just: how much am I willing to invest?

I live in a society where 91% of the population is not willing to exceed their pulse of rest for 30 minutes per day, according to a recent study*. In my opinion, there is a correlation between this behavior and struggling as a country, with almost all future topics like the digital revolution.

In this case it is something positive being part of a minority, meaning: being part of the 9%! πŸ™‚

Leadership is getting things done! πŸ™‚

* study by Sporthochschule Koeln, 2018