#MakingThingsHappen – # 1

As a Digital Executive in the software industry, I have entered the world of leadership, high performance and personal development many years ago. As we all know progress only happens when there is enough motivation and working towards realistic goals. If goals are unrealistic, motivation is gone and things simply […]

1 Million in 2020…

As a C-Level Executive in software I’m very used to goals with several components e.g a sales number plus improving customer satisfaction. In 2019 I had set a personal goal of running 2000 km. The day I crossed the 2000km line was a very rewarding one, motivation wise. I’m proud […]

Leadership Part# 10 „A successful quarter is usually the result of a motivated, goal oriented team, a positive company culture and well working business operations“

As a C-Level Digital Executive it is usually part of my role to either setup a whole new team or extend and develop an existing one. The challenge is to find the ‘right’ people. Criteria usually are: does the applicant have the right skill set? Has the person work experience […]