Leadership Part# 10 „A successful quarter is usually the result of a motivated, goal oriented team, a positive company culture and well working business operations“

As a C-Level Digital Executive it is usually part of my role to either setup a whole new team or extend and develop an existing one. The challenge is to find the ‘right’ people. Criteria usually are: does the applicant have the right skill set? Has the person work experience in the role?

Here is my hiring approach which has worked pretty well so far : of course are the mentioned criteria important, but I would like to focus on an additional one: does the person fit into the company culture? An open, goal oriented and positive company culture is very successful and what I am aiming for. From experience I know that team members grow and become passionate when they are challenged. Challenges are what lets people grow in their personality. The difficulty is definitely to make challenges part of the business life on an ongoing basis. Appropriate enablement and support are prerequisites for success of course.

What I usually check on in interviews: is the person a good communicator? What I mean by that is, does the person like to communicate with others. Things like mentioning problems or timelines early , finding solutions together, holding others accountable and so on. Also, can the person really add value to the company? Is the person willing to help others grow, be a goal oriented and motivated team member?

From experience I know that people do not accept jobs purely for salary. Attractive is the vision and mission of a company. Creating compelling vision and mission statements therefore is an elementary leadership task. If these are attractive, people usually like to align and become great team members.

I truly believe in, that behavior doesn’t differ much between private and business life. High Performance, positive personal standards and values lead to business success-and way more. Actively supporting this feels very rewarding to me. This is why Personal Development is so important to me. This is also why I am sharing regular updates on my personal standards or lifestyle, which includes goal setting in private life.

Therefore, here’s the latest concerning my “I will be running 2000km in 2019” project. The whole project is very similar to a business plan. Just like in business, measuring things make them happen 😉

I actually had a great Q3, in fact the best in 2019 so far which I am proud of. The baseline is running 500km (310.69m) per quarter.

So, with 1571,41 km in total (976.43m) I’m 4,76% above plan which sounds promising for Q4 🙂 However, as a very motivated business executive I will try to exceed further of course 🙂