#MakingThingsHappen – Flexibility & Changing Priorities

This week is already week 4 of so-called social distancing. Time flies 😉
Let me start by saying that I am deeply impressed about how disciplined people are here in keeping distance while queuing. Almost everybody is adjusting to the given rules which is wonderful to see. Almost everybody seems to understand the urgency and the threat and is acting accordingly.

If I don’t put my Digital Executive but my Coaching hat on, I know that people usually change behavior just under two aspects. Either the

Benefit or the threat is big enough

This time obviously the threat is big enough to change behavior.

When the pandemic started I needed to re-calibrate a lot of my business priorities. Things that were really important suddenly became irrelevant.

The art in this new situation is staying as focused and productive as possible. I know that I’m lucky as in my position this is possible although kind of everything is different: no business travel, no customer meetings and so on. Compared to others it is still an easy game. Too many others have a hard time keeping their business alive. Hopefully governments are able to support until the situation normalizes.

In general: Crisis differentiates between real leaders and bad managers

Also, there is so much information about the crisis that it is overwhelming, it kind of controls the day if you don’t limit it. Therefore I strongly recommend

Limiting media consumption

For me it works well to define just two 30min blocks in order to get all the information I need. 30min in the morning, 30min in the afternoon. That’s it.

I had mentioned previously that there is usually opportunity in every crisis as well. For me as a Digital Executive this is currently video based learning. The beauty is that is usually recordings and so I can fit them into my plan for the day perfectly. A positive difference compared to working in the office: way less distractions 😉

The good thing is that I’m still allowed to go running outside as long as I’m on my own. Therefore, none of personal standards had to change. In fact I am doing way more compared to when my gym was open.
In 2019 I had this project of running 2000km. Mid April 2019 I was just at 60.88 km, this April I’m at 135 km.

+221.75% in running

The challenge with that is usually motivation. It’s easy to go running on a sunny day. Then I see people passing me who are potentially 25 years younger. But just as long as it is not steep because then they stop and start walking as it’s getting exhausting 😉 As a leader I must say

There‘s definitely a goal missing 😉

Let me close by saying THANKS again to all those who keep things running like medical people, people working in grocery stores and so on. They definitely make a difference!

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference in whatever you do!