Happy New Business Year!

As a C-Level Digital Executive in the Interim Management industry, I must say that there wasn’t much business in 2020 at all, due to the pandemic. Like for so many people…Our country has just extended the lockdown and this will presumably go on for a couple of months to come. However, there were definitely many positive aspects as well in 2020 when you think about it.

For me the main one was definitely that I got

re-certified as a High Performance Coach (Executive Coach)!

Interested in staying more positive, healthy and productive as well? 

As health is for me an important topic, especially in times of pandemic when you can’t act like normal, I still owe you my 2020 results. As you may recall the goals were running 1200 km and burning at least 1,000,000 cal in 2020. Here are the final numbers that I am proud of since the overachievement is simply an investment in my health…

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference!