#Leadership: Personal Leadership is key to progress

In the country I live in things are on the way back to normal. Restrictions are lowered, e.g. restaurants are open, people getting out again as it is spring with sunny weather. Even my gym opened this morning! However of course things are still not under control as long as there isn’t any vaccine and science still is not in a shape to know enough about the threat. So being careful is still the way to go.

These are interesting times which are not all negative as the threat points out where leadership is and where leadership is missing. The country I live in is not really known for being ahead when it comes to digitalization. A good friend of mine heads up a school and of course they got rules from the local government on what they had to do in times of crisis. However these rules did not go into detail at all, so every school had to figure out separately what software system to use for communicating with colleagues and parents. That’s a good example of where leadership is missing because the person responsible for education in the state should have professionals who pick a system which is then used by all schools. However it has a positive aspect as well: the schools that way got introduced to video conferencing systems that they had never heard of before 😉

Let me switch to personal leadership which is the only thing everyone of us can and should fully control.
In times of crisis it’s even more important to follow the plan and keep going as good as possible. As a Digital Executive I am aiming to improve consistently. What I’m really interested in is coaching. Since 2012 I personally benefit from having a coach and got more and more interested in the topic. Consequently in 2015 I did my first professional coaching education. And now I’m proud to report that just recently I’ve passed my certification as a

Certified High Performance Coach, CHPC

What I’m really loving with it is that it not only covers all life arenas but also has the performance and productivity aspect in it. Stay tuned for updates on this… 😉

Here’s the latest on my personal goal of running 1200 km and burning 1,000,000 calories in 2020: on May 27th, I‘m at 728.74km and have burned 501,373 calories 🙂

Stay healthy and make a difference everybody!