Leadership Part# 10 „A successful quarter is usually the result of a motivated, goal oriented team, a positive company culture and well working business operations“

As a C-Level Digital Executive it is usually part of my role to either setup a whole new team or extend and develop an existing one. The challenge is to find the ‘right’ people. Criteria usually are: does the applicant have the right skill set? Has the person work experience […]

Leadership Part# 7: “An important part of value-oriented Leadership is to be a role model for Positive Habits and Personal Standards. And there can never be too many…”

A quick update from my „I will be running 2000km in 2019“ (1242.74m) project: as I mentioned previously I have planned this like a business project, doing 500km (310.69m) per quarter. Why? Because there isn’t any difference in the two. Things improve by changing long established habits and will eventually lead […]