Working in the office? From home? Using a hybrid model?

Looking back, the corona pandemic had some positive aspects as well. One is certainly the advances in work environment. Suddenly it was not only possible, but simply required to work from home. Which raises the question:

what is the ideal model in the future? Having everyone in the office? Having people working from home? Or maybe a hybrid model?

Oh course it depends on the industry, so I’m using the example of a software company.

Let me share my experience: as the CEO of a previous company, I was using a hybrid model, meaning: employees could work up to two days per week from home. This worked great for us! It requires of course an appropriate level of trust, so that you can count on, that agreed goals are fulfilled.

I’m a big supporter of the hybrid model as it gives employees more authority but also more responsibility. And due to the fact that we had great success with it 🙂 Of course it is not easy to work from home for everyone, depending on the individual living situation.

I recently even saw a job ad which said that one employee is currently on a world trip while working for the company at the same time. Sounds interesting to me, as long as agreed goals are achieved.

I’m very much interested in other opinions and experiences. What works best for you?