The 4 Basics Of High Performance

As a C-Level Digital Executive I’m used to experiencing lots of stressful situations. When I’m in a good shape, this isn‘t a problem at all. Like everybody, I also have days when I’m not as motivated and productive as usual.

As a certified High Performance Coach I am really interested in finding out ~why~ that is, and therefore check my MEDS status:

MEDS stands for (M)editaion, (E)xercise, (D)iet and (S)leep.

Usually the reason for being not so motivated and productive is that I have neglected one of these four.

So, I ask myself questions like: when did I go exercising last time? What did I eat last night? Did I sleep enough?

Let me share some personal experiences with the MEDS basics:


Meditation helps me in a great way in calming down. I’m keeping it really simple by just focusing on my breathing. Of course I’m noticing lots of thoughts floating through my mind – but just keep focusing on my breathing. 15min in the morning help me in being more concentrated and focused throughout the day.


Exercising on a regular basis is also part of my morning routine and really gets me going. My goal is to go 5x a week as a minimum. My gym opens at 7am, so it’s easily doable before work. The physical benefits are well-known, but I appreciate specifically that it also works so great as a mental booster. It helps me creating energy and motivation for the upcoming day.


Changing lifestyle to eating more healthy resulted for me in feeling way better. More drive, activity and fun. The days are gone when I felt terrible when going to bed because of too much food for dinner.
It also lets me control my blood sugar pretty easily. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes. Fortunately adapting the amount of exercising and changing eating behavior pretty quickly gave me back control over my body

Knowing that many other successful people suffering badly from this disease, I am more than happy to help, let’s get in touch!


Sleep is simply the base for having a productive, exciting, and successful next day. Therefore I’m heading for 7h per night. I consequently go to bed at 10pm and this rhythm has improved things massively for me.

Having the MEDS basics work well is almost a guarantee for being energized, motivated, productive and happy.

Oh and let me finish by saying that I am always interested in:

  • Regional leadership opportunity in digital business (permanent)
  • Leadership opportunity in acquisition scenarios and post merger integrations (interim or permanent)

Wishing everybody a great day!