Music is what feelings sound like

Another quote I recently came across that I really like a lot. Music can be motivating, be sad or even be tragic. I want to focus on the motivational aspect today.

Personally music helps me a lot. It is part of my morning routine, beside mediating and reading or listening to some positive material. And of course a healthy breakfast. Exercising works well for me in terms of raising my energy level for the day and music is an important part of it.

As a certified High Performance Coach, I am aware how important the ability of managing the energy level is, in order to be highly productive during the day. In my case as a C-Level executive in the software industry.

3 tips that can help to go exercising more often

  • PLAYLISTS: I recommend creating playlists for different moods. In the morning, I am selecting an appropriate playlist depending on my mood that day, and also synchronize some interesting podcasts onto my smartwatch. I start my exercising with the selected playlist and then change to a podcast later.
  • PREPARATION: I am a morning person, and prepare everything necessary the night before. The reason is that next morning I don’t even think about going to the gym or not. I put on my clothes and just leave.
  • AVAILABILITY: it’s the same with everything, availability makes the difference. I was lucky to find a gym, which is in a walking distance from my apartment, and it opens at 7am. This definitely supports the fact that I am there almost every morning.

Happy weekend everyone and make a difference today!