Professionalism and Leadership/High Performance

As a follow-up to to a previous blog post, let me share another interesting story concerning job search:

Since I’m looking for a CEO/CPO role, I’m contacted by recruitment/headhunting companies on a regular basis . The problem is that it’s hard to make a decision whether to put effort in it or not. I’m a positive minded person and usually I reply to those requests, so let me share this story.

I was recently approached in LinkedIn by the co-owner of a headhunting company. The message was type of: “hey Steffen we have a great job opportunity for you! It covers responsibility for multiple countries and your profile matches pretty well”.

So I replied the very same day: “Hey, thanks for reaching out. This could be interesting. How about having a video chat?”

Next day, I got the very same wording again in LinkedIn and the message also had an email address. So I was thinking that there might be a technical problem and just sent an email to the person. “Hey, maybe you missed my LinkedIn message saying that I’m interested. Wondering when you would be available for a video chat?”

No reaction for 72h or 3 days. As a C-Level Executive and High-Performance Coach, I’m used to keeping people accountable, so I sent another email with similar content. Again, no reaction at all….

Unfortunately I had various experiences like this…

Since common knowledge is not always common practice, let me use the example above to share 3 attitudes concerning professionalism and another 3 concerning leadership/high performance

~3 professional attitudes~

  • emails get answered within 24h
  • Being on time in meetings and also be prepared for the meeting, based on the provided agenda. No agenda, no meeting. At least not with me.
  • Being open minded, meaning learning constantly, especially in times of industrial revolutions as currently.

~3 high performance attitudes~

  • ability to manage the energy level
  • ability to manage your mind
  • cultivating positive thinking, friendliness and happiness

As mentioned, I am looking for an interesting CEO or CPO role as I am really keen on leading and motivating another team to huge success like before!
More information is available in my executive bio, which is available on LinkedIn, also on my website.

Do you have something in mind? Thanks for getting in touch!

Thanks everyone for helping and have a great day!