#GettingThingsDone-Especially In Times of Crisis

Last week it was introduced that everyone has to wear a mask when shopping or using public transport. It actually feels strange but seems necessary as long as there isn’t vaccination available. The positive thing is that the economy is starting to be re-opened at the moment

From a leadership perspective I’m really happy that I am still able to continue my habit of daily exercise which combined with healthy nutrition is the foundation for performing high as a Digital Executive.

The Roman poet Juvenal was right when saying

Mens sana in corpore sano

Some detail: with all gyms still being closed, I was able to do 190km in April. Impacted by a strained muscle I did a lot of cycling instead of running even more. But still

Way above my monthly goal of running 100km and burning 83,333 cal.

What a pleasure and super motivating experience when there is sunshine early in in the morning ! Still cold but really nice.

I can’t say it any better than the rock band Queen who adapted their hit “We are the champions” to thank those who really make a difference. Way to go!

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference!