#MakingThingsHappen – Especially In Times Of Crisis

So now we are in week two of social distancing which makes life a whole lot different for everyone. Just leaving home for shopping food is all different from what we’re all used to. On the flipside some things seem to normalize a bit e.g grocery stores here have managed to have enough in stock.

It is also wonderful to see all the solidarity happening right now: retired doctors returning to job to help. People helping each other e.g. with shopping for people having difficulties doing that on their own. From my point of view

this crisis may have something positive as well in the end: Bringing our society together more closely than before

As a high performing Digital Executive I have developed not only business standards but also personal ones. Especially in times of crisis it is critically important to stay focused and stick to plans and routines. Let me emphasize two of mine which are critical to me. One is

Starting the day with exercising based on a yearly goal, broken down into month. ‘What’s measured gets managed” said Peter Drucker and he was right 😉

To me staying healthy is as important as being successful in business. Well being also includes healthy nutrition of course. I am sure everyone knows however:

Common sense is not always common practice

The other one is to have

Daily and realistic plans, created the night before

Why? It simply gives me the positive feeling of having things setup and under control for next day. It also avoids having stress in the first hour when I’m up. I can only deliver high performance when I am energized and motivated. These two routines are #MakingThingsHappen for me.

Since all shops and my gym closed mid March due to the crisis, I switched to running outside which I am not really a fan of. You may recall that my 2020 goals are running 1.200km and burning 1 Million calories. I am proud to report that I am well on track with both. In March, I am at 206% of goal in running and 120% of goal in burning calories. Since I cannot work on machines in the gym I need to compensate somehow… 😉 Here are the details:

It is an interesting experience running outside in Hamburg, Germany. We didn’t have any snow so far this season. But of course there were two days of snow showers in March…;)

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference in whatever you do!