Leadership Part# 8: „Leadership and High Performance Are a Lifestyle“

I met a friend of mine last week who’s also a successful Executive and we had a good conversation. He is as well on the road quite a bit and communicated that he overall doesn’t really feel well. So I brought up the topic of physical exercise as for me it makes for example jetlag easier when flying long distance. When I am physically exhausted I usually can sleep. He basically communicated that he would like to do physical exercise, however his schedule doesn’t allow. So I described my learning.

From experience I know that there is never a “right time” for caring about myself as I definitely do when exercising. So I just set the time. For me as a morning person it is first thing in the morning. If I have a breakfast meeting at 7am, I am in the (hotel) gym at 5.30am latest. Sometimes earlier, keyword jetlag 😉 I also make sure that I block it in my calendar just like any other of my meetings as a Digital Executive in the software industry. A strategy “that it will work somehow” has never worked for me. So I gave it the priority it deserves from my point of view.

A quick update concerning my “I will run 2000km in 2019” project (1242.74m). I had a target of 180km (111.85m) in August and I am proud to report that I did 212km (131.73m). I have done 208km (129.25m) in May, so it was just the second time this year with more than 200 which feels good and very motivating 🙂 For 2019, I passed the 1400km (869.92m) line this morning which is another motivation point. It is so true that what’s measured gets managed, isn’t it? In Biz and private life…