Leadership Part# 7: “An important part of value-oriented Leadership is to be a role model for Positive Habits and Personal Standards. And there can never be too many…”

A quick update from my „I will be running 2000km in 2019“ (1242.74m) project: as I mentioned previously I have planned this like a business project, doing 500km (310.69m) per quarter. Why? Because there isn’t any difference in the two. Things improve by changing long established habits and will eventually lead to better health and more productivity if there is a realistic plan, just like in business!

So for August, my plan is to run 180km (111.85m) in order to reach 500 by end of quarter. I am proud to report that I have raised the monthly goal to 200km (124.27m) recently as my motivation seemed good enough to make this happen. This morning, I reached 339,39km in Q3 (210.89m) and 1371,81km in 2019 (852.40m) which encourages me to do even more! This is the beauty that it develops a life of its own in a positive way 🙂

Quick story: I had left a little later than usual this morning and where I run, I pass a tram stop…lot’s of people pouring out of this tram stop and many of them had big headphones, staring at their smartphones, moving in super slow mo and not noticing anything around them. They actually looked to me like an army of robots… 🙂

I do a lot of personal development and mindfulness is pretty high on my list. This is why three thoughts came to my mind right away:

Firstly; the Digital Executive and technology enthusiast in me: what will their level of enthusiasm and productivity be when they enter their office?

Secondly; In a study I read last October they found that 91% of the society that I live in do not get above their resting pulse rate for 30min per day. As a normal, active and motivated guy, I was hoping for a statistical error but I was disappointed. And Business? Key technologies, digital infrastructure are not necessarily future proof. The biggest industry in my country who chose to manipulate their products in an inappropriate way, is now fighting their own customers in the law courts.

Which leaves me wondering, is there a correlation between lifestyle and Business? An argument might be: why would I try hard if I can get away without being exhausted?

And finally as an experienced Business Leader with a professional Business Coaching qualification; positive habits and standards definitely make a huge difference in performance and health. It is not easy, but it pays off. Not only in Biz, in life!