Value Based Leadership Makes The Difference In Crisis!

In times of crisis, value based leadership definitely makes the difference. So many businesses are negatively impacted right now and I think we all should take a moment and thank those, who keep things going: nurses, doctors, people working at grocery stores and so on… THANKS guys you definitely make the difference!

Some thoughts:
I am fully aware that times like currently are times of fear. Fear of losing income, relationships, health and so on. What helps me in those situations is a perspective check, type of: “yes, my business maybe down right now. Reminds me of how things were when I started my career. And hey, I did survive back then” Not easy at all of course but sometimes helpful.

The good news is that everyone is free in choosing his personal attitude.

Leadership is #MakingThingsHappen. Therefore (if possible): following the plan and simply keep going is currently key.
To me there’s opportunity as well if e.g. you’re stuck at home: learning new skills, reading books, getting better in…you name it…

It is also interesting to watch companies in crisis: There are well led ones that make clear decisions and act accordingly. Apple and Tim Cook are a role model in my opinion: they closed all their shops for a limited time and in parallel donated $15 million for virus research. One can like that or not but it is a clear decision to protect customers and employees and at the same time doing something to help fixing the problem. Way to go! Just to avoid any misunderstanding: I have no relationship with Apple, other than being a happy customer.

Like most shops in the city I live in, my gym is closed and I‘m definitely not a fan of running outside in winter. Therefore I don’t really have equipment either. Due to global business travel as a Digital Executive, I’m more used to hotel treadmills 😉

As running outside is the only thing I currently can do, I went shopping warm running gear last Monday.

It is day 5 today since my gym is closed and therefore the result concerning exercising is interesting from a motivation perspective. I am proud to report that I’m already at 96km and have burned 65,997 calories on March 20th which is more than in other months. The interesting point is that 45km (or 46.88%) of running were done in the last 5 days. Why? As a Business Executive I’m a role model in many aspects as well and my opinion is: yes, we are currently in a new and challenging situation. Shops, cafes and so on are closed and we are maybe even forced to stay at home. However, this is not a reason for me as an Executive and also Coach for High Performers to change any of my personal standards and habits.

As you may recall, I have this plan of burning 1 million calories in 2020, which requires burning about 83,000cal/month or about 2,740cal/day. As a second measure, I have introduced running at least 100km/month.

Stay healthy everyone and make a difference!