#Leadership: How to stay productive in crisis

In times of crisis it is even more important to manage energy versus just time. As a High Performance Coach and C-level Digital Executive positive results are the measurement for me which requires an appropriate energy level. I’ve pointed out in many blog posts that health is the basis for everything. So I make sure that I get my daily exercise which has become a very healthy habit that I also measure in order to make sure that I ‘m doing enough*. Many people a forced in business working towards goals, however in private life then “don’t have enough energy to create energy” so to say. This is one reason why so many people are lacking energy.

Let me describe how I handle my day concerning energy management. It starts with an appropriate morning routine. I’m a morning person, usually getting up quite early and then starting my morning routine

  • 20min reading – preferably positive, motivating topics
  • 10min meditation – I am using an App which works well for me
  • 30min exercising – cardio exercise is where I love to plan and visualize my day in detail. It also gives me lots of energy and motivation for the day

I plan my day the night before in 30min working blocks where I then work 25min and have a 5min rest. This is known as the Pomodoro technique and was developed by Francesco Cirillo back in the 1980s.

Energy is key for great business results, but also for positive change in private life. And it is nothing that’s just there. However it can definitely be created. For me defined routines like the described morning routine work well.

Also a sleeping rhythm in order to get enough sleep. Both are necessary in order to be positive, motivated and productive.

Interested in leading a more active, vibrant, productive and happy life? Personal Development definitely makes a positive difference!

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Knowing, that the world likely won’t be as it was for quite some time, I’m choosing to pay even more attention to what still lights up my day. This raises the energy level as well 🙂

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference!

*As a C-Level executive I’m quite into numbers, therefore here’s also a quick update on my January performance:

I’ve set my 2021 goals to: 1.400 km of running (up from 1.200 in 2020) and burning 1.100.000 million calories (up from 1 million in 2020)

My stretched goal was running 150 km in January (up from 102 km in 2020) and I’m proud to report that I have finished with 160km. Also, I’ve burned 102,115 calories. A good starting point for an active 2021…;)