#Personal Growth & Leadership when times get rough

I’m happy to report that as a C-Level Digital Executive (technology is a passion of mine) i’ve just successfully re-certified as a High Performance Coach! (psychology is another one ;))

The great additional learning and practicing will make it even more exciting for me when helping people reaching their next level. In business environments and overall.

I live in Hamburg, Germany and for the first time ever, I’m experiencing a curfew from 9pm-5am. An all new experience that I’m not allowed to leave my home whenever I want to! Of course when something like this happens you start thinking: what does it mean for me personally?

One might feel limited in personal rights, stressed and unmotivated. In other words, not good at all.

Experiences like these are never easy to deal with. Initially there is confusion and over time, things start clearing up. What I can recommend is practicing a different way of thinking: more forward looking, more positive and more productive.

Being a High Performance Coach as well, first thing I needed, was a quick reality check: all restaurants are closed here, movie theaters as well and I cannot even go meeting friends. At least not in a legal way.

So when I look at my lifestyle, how much is the curfew really impacting me? Actually not much at all having the current threat by the pandemic in mind.

Next step for me was creating a quick list of positive things I still CAN do. Here is what I came up with:

  • Learning all kind of new skills. Possibilities are endless and so easy to access these days!
  • Getting things done: those I usually “never have time for”
  • Proactively meeting family, friends and biz partners virtually
  • Reading good books and listening to good music
  • Caring more about myself, e.g. cooking excellent meals
  • Keeping up my habits like daily exercising* as energy is everything these days
  • And of course enjoying spring, which is almost here 🙂

Oh and I am definitely looking forward to things getting back to normal. In September/October timeframe when most people should have gotten their vaccination here, I probably can go skydiving again. This is what I do, when I really want to feel alive…

Keep in mind: thoughts are impacting feelings, feelings impacting emotions. Which then is influencing behavior…

Interested in leading a more active, productive and happy life?

I‘m offering High Performance Coaching Services: www.steffenn.com

Oh and talking about my technology passion: I am always interested in working for growth oriented, open minded and globally heading companies!

* Quick update on my health habit of daily exercising: i’ve recently purchased a new eMTB and therefore changed my exercising plan a bit. What I’m currently enjoying is: one day running, next day cycling.

Hey, and I’m proud to report that I’m on track concerning calorie burning: in March I’ve burned 105,722 calories 🙂

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference today!