GettingThingsDone Part# 2: Strategies And Planning. What about Vision?

In my previous post I was talking about people who take a positive first step by joining a gym but then aren’t really focusing on exercise. They seem distracted by entertainment and messaging.

As an executive in the software industry, I am dealing a lot with leadership topics. Actually, I have my own leadership definition which is

„Leadership is turning ambitions into vision, strategy and plan while honouring the struggle and bringing fairness and joy”.

Let me elaborate a bit on this. From a leadership perspective there are two different levels. Level 1 is of course that a company needs to make money and grow in order to pay invoices and salaries. Level 2 is the visionary aspect.

A vision is like a mental picture of what the company wants to achieve long term. If it is clear and strong, it will help making the defined achievement real. Although a vision is in the future, it motivates and energises the present in a great way. It makes a company attractive as it is inspiring. It attracts internal and external people as it stimulates ideas and thinking outside the box. If well defined it can also be a great guideline where strategies and plans, goals/objectives and decision making can be derived from.

It’s amazing to see how many companies stop at level 1, meaning they haven’t made it to level 2 yet. In my opinion they miss out on a great leadership opportunity which goes way beyond being successful.

As we are in November and from a personal development perspective, I am wrapping up „my 2019“. In business but also in private life. What worked well? What can I be proud of? I am a big fan of celebrating wins as they motivate and energise. What did not work well? How can I do better on these next year? What did I learn? 

This is a great exercise that I can strongly recommend to everyone!

One thing that does work well for me in 2019 is my project called “I will be running 2000km in 2019” (1,242.74m) It is something that I’ve never done before. It is a trial if you will:

Can I go exercising every day, 7 days a week or not?

It turned out that I can as moving for at least 30min/day has become one of my habits which then evolved into more since I like running.

I am proud to report that by end of November I will have completed 1.900km (1,168.61m) which leaves just 100km (62.14m) for December 🙂 However, as it is a habit, I will just keep going of course…

Combined with some other positive habits for me they build the base for performing high or #GettingThingsDone and #MakingThingsHappen as a Digital Executive.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!