#Leadership – Personal Leadership #2

In my last post I was talking about that things start normalizing where I live. I also mentioned that my gym had opened again. However not in a way that it would be attractive for me as the sanitary facilities are still closed ?! Therefore running, cycling, even video-based exercises at home are currently way more attractive. Please don’t get me wrong: I fully understand the economic necessities of certain businesses like gyms and also limitations due to the current situation.

Let me elaborate a bit on personal leadership and focusing on specific areas: it’s amazing what can be accomplished by focusing on one specific area and I have a good example from my physical exercise project which is 1200km of running plus burning 1 million calories in 2020.

Due to a strained muscle I was forced to run less in May and therefore shifted focus to burning as many calories as possible. My injury allowed cycling which I like more and more. Actually I’ll even be adding a standard MTB to my existing eMTB now 😉 I’m really happy with the results: Although I “just” did 125 km of running in May I was able to burn 105,920 cal.

Which means more than 3400 cal per day! 🙂

As a Digital Executive and Certified High Performance Coach, CHPC I’m fully aware that focusing on just one aspect of life isn’t enough. The goal I’m pursuing is to have an active, vibrant and fulfilled life. And this is actually what I’m loving about High Performance Coaching. It is a holistic coaching approach covering all life areas and it is the only one that is based on science. Stay tuned for more updates on this…

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference!