„#Leadership is #GettingThingsDone When Times Get Rough“

Time flies, we just finished Q2/2020 meaning half of this extraordinary 2020 is already over. Problematic for so many businesses and still no one can say when the pandemic will be under control.

In a previous post I had mentioned that I got recently certified as a High Performance Coach and that I’m currently building a business based on it. I got questions on what High Performance Coaching actually is, so let me elaborate a little bit on it. High Performance Coaching is defined as

“Succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term while maintaining wellbeing and positive relationships”

What does that mean? High Performance Coaching is a holistic coaching approach covering all areas of life. It helps making personal dreams come true by consistently working towards them. As a Digital Executive I like a lot that it is also covering the productivity aspect. Getting things done and reaching goals with excellence. Of course the struggle involved isn’t always fun but definitely doable, also with joy. The problem for many successful people is however to maintain wellbeing and positive relationships at the same time. Coaching provides great value especially in times of crisis like currently.

This is what I can help with as a Certified High Performance Coach.

For me Personal Development started with managing teams in my various Digital Executive roles. This also has to do with the positive experiences I personally had with my first Coach who helped me grow as a person in such a great way. To my passion for technology I’ve added one for coaching 🙂 Back in 2015 I’ve done my first professional coaching education. The High Performance Certification is the latest one so to say 🙂

If you are a reader of my blog you know that health is very important to me. I simply see it as the basis for everything. Questions like:

Why would I save money for retirement and at the same time live a lifestyle that makes it quite unlikely that I’ll be able to live the life I want when I‘m finally retired?

Here is the latest on my 2020 health goals: I am happy to report that I had a successful Q2/2020. June actually didn’t start positive at as I had an accident in early June which caused that I couldn’t go running for 12 days based my my doctor’s advice. Luckily cycling was possible which helped with my calories goal. Therefore I‘m proud of that

I finished Q2 with a running distance of 427,36km (goal: 300km) and burning 305.130 calories (goal: 250.000).

From a yearly perspective I’ve been running 855,74km (71,31% of goal) and burning 619.746 calories (61,97% of goal) in the first 6 month of 2020.

From a coaching perspective one may call this a positive habit. For me the reason is that via coaching I‘ve gained the necessary clarity about what I really want: a successful business life but also an active and vibrating private life.

Stay healthy everyone!