#Leadership – Personal Leadership #3

The pandemic it’s still the overwhelming topic and way too many businesses are still impacted negatively. I am lucky to live in country where things are pretty much under control-so far, however numbers are currently rising again. People are returning from vacation a big “experiment “ starts. Science simply needs time and there isn’t enough knowledge about the virus yet. I’m actually impressed about the effort that is currently taken concerning the development of a vaccine against the virus compared to how long it took previously. As a high performing Digital Executive I am aware of how helpful artificial intelligence can be concerning modeling data. What wonderful progress!

I mentioned in my last post that I recently got certified as a High-Performance Coach but what is high performance in times of crisis? In critical situations things get down to a personal level. In business and in private life. How well can I adapt to the new situation? Do I have an existing plan allowing to keep going in the best possible way? Do I have enough motivation, energy and creativity? There is always something that can be done in order to get a little bit closer to the goal, no matter what the goal is. This is what I can help on as a certified High Performance Coach.

Health is definitely the basis for everything and I want to give an update on where I am concerning my 2020 exercise goals which are running 1200km and burning 1 Million calories:

I still go running minimum 30 minutes every day, early in the morning – also when the weather is not so nice 😉 In order to get to 1,000,000 cal I need to burn like 83,333cal. per month. As a high performing person I’ve established a stretched goal of burning 100,000cal per month 😉 This is of course way harder to achieve than the running goal. In order to make it happen I’ve added cycling to the plan. The problem with cycling for me is that it takes more time than running for the same amount of activity calories.

I’m proud to report that I’ve reached a milestone by end of July:

I’ve completed 1000km of running in 2020! Finished the month with 1003km and burning 104.066cal. or 3.357cal/day 🙂

This is actually more than originally planned and is impacted by the current pandemic. I was upset in that my gym had closed and did way more in April and May as it basically was the only thing I could do…;) So was the running goal too low? Not really, because prior to the pandemic the idea was to run less but still stay on the same level as last year but with more flexibility. This is where the 1,000,000 cal goal came from.

The point for improving things however is having measurable goals at all – in business and life!

Stay healthy everyone and keep moving!