#Leadership: Energy is everything these days!

The corona pandemic has hit the world again badly this winter. As predicted by scientists, however, I guess, we all were hoping that it wouldn’t be that bad. Where I live, it actually is pretty much OK, as all the shops are open which was not the case last March. Cultural businesses, restaurants and so on are closed. And for so many people life changes all together. Lots of fears about job, health, long term plans.

As a Digital Executive and especially as a High-Performance Coach I can help focusing on the positive aspects as every crisis is most often a matter of perspective as well. A Coach can also help raising the energy level. Energy is definitely key for making things happen. Unfortunately energy is not a given thing, it is something you have to create yourself. Proactively. Every moment, every day, always. If it wouldn’t be important to me I could e.g. complain about the fact that my gym is closed again and use that as an excuse to do nothing. As my energy level is high enough, I chose to buy some winter running gear and still go every morning, 7 days a week.

Don’t know what it is for you but for me physical exercise is also a motivational factor. I’m on my own, I can think, can make plans and am also setting the base for a productive day.

With enough energy you’re able to change almost everything. Establishing (positive) habits, raising productivity and well being.

Knowing that so many people currently have severe problems with creating enough energy, I’m offering High Performance Coaching services. Interested in leading a more vibrant life? getintouch@steffenn.com

Here is the latest on my personal goal-based physical exercise habit. As you may recall, I’ve completed my two goals in October already. So, the challenge now is keeping motivation/energy up and just keep going…

This is why I am proud to report that in November 2020

I’ve been running 135 km and burning 100.931 cal. Total numbers for the year: running km: 1369,4. Burning calories: 1.135.616

The amount of calories burned per day was actually higher in November (3.364) than in July (3.357) and October (3.308) which is pretty cool 🙂

Some details:

Goal: 100km/month
Goal: burning 100.000cal/month

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference!