1 Million by end of October -or- #MakingThingsHappen

I’m proud to report that I’ve burned more than 1 million cal by end of October 2021, or about 3,311 cal per day. And I mean every single day 🙂

Why is this worth mentioning? In previous posts I’ve been talking about how difficult it is to implement consistency. For sure there are days when things appear more grey then sunny. The art is to still keep going on those days as well. Especially on those!

As it is probably common knowledge: the key to success really is goal setting. Many people are not used to setting goals in private life. Think about how many times you said “I’ll do this sometime”. Usually this is designed to fail. The reason is that there is no deadline behind or in other words, the psychological necessity is missing.

Another example: Let’s say you have motivation (or drive) to living healthier. When you explore the topic a bit you notice that there is two components: nutrition and physical exercise. Of course changing habits is very difficult. However if they are high enough on the priority list, they will happen. Coaching can help on this. When I go to the gym in the morning I see many people who love to get distracted and so they play on their smartphone for minutes. In other words they’re not really fired up for exercising. High five to them however as they do something at least!

But what a difference to the ones who have created a training plan! They usually do their best to fulfill it as they feel an obligation/necessity to do so.

So the formula to #MakingThingsHappen is:

Motivation (or Drive) + Goals + Deadlines + Discipline + Self- improvement until things are done. It is so true to say: no goals, no progress.

Personal Development or Personal Growth has helped me a lot. Growing in personality simply feels great! I am actually offering Executive Coaching for those who are aiming for a more active and vibrant life.

So how did I reach the burning of 1,013,499 in ten months? I actually came a long way as you may recall. And just like in business, I’m of course setting goals in private life as well.

I define a yearly goal and then break it down into months. I have even bought a whiteboard just to put the numbers on the wall and see the progress visually. It’s amazing what’s possible: I would never have believed that I could run 2000 km in one year which I‘ve done in 2019

Being a Digital Executive myself, I’m offering high performance coaching at www.steffenn.com Interested? Let’s getintouch@steffenn.com

Stay healthy and make a difference