Goals , Habits & Leadership

This is the time of year where most people have good and positive intentions for the new year – and give them up pretty soon again.

Maybe losing weight, eating more healthy, being more productive, whatever.

We fail, because we’re falling back into our previous habits. The result is usually that nothing is changing.

People are used to fulfill goals in business.

In private life it is very rare that people set goals and then really fulfill them.

The reason is that we do not feel the same urgency or necessity to succeed as we do in business.

When I look at my gym, the least number of people leave the place sweating. It’s not that they do nothing, but hey, social interaction with others or simply playing on the smartphone is definitely more convenient, isn’t it? Especially in times of a pandemic.

This is normal, it is simply how our mind ticks.

So what to do? The good news is that habits can definitely be added or changed. It’s not an easy process but definitely possible and – it definitely leads to a better life!

5 tips for implementing a new habit

that work well from my experience, I‘ll use running as an example:

  1. Focus on the beginning – don’t wait for the right mood/wheather, just go
  2. Start small – it doesn’t matter how far you run as long as you run at all. Over time distances will increase
  3. Set realistic goals – I recommend using performance goals like “I’ll go running 3 times a week” versus outcome goals “I’ll run a marathon in less than 3h“
  4. Social support helps! – things are always easier together, join e.g. a running group.
  5. Forget perfectionism – good running shoes are a must from a health perspective, but that’s kind of it.

Health for me is the no#1 priority. Without I couldn’t lead the life I love: an active, high energetic and productive life. In business as a C-Level Digital Executive in software but also in private life.

This is why I’m setting personal goals. For 2021 I had set the goal of burning 1.200.000 million calories, about 3,288/day.

I’m proud to report that I did 1.223.987 or 3,353/Day 🙂

Is the number important? No important is to start and fulfill and keep going. At some point it develops a life of it’s own 😉 For me it is a personal, a leadership standard. As a C- Level Digital Executive and also as a certified High Performance Coach I love saying

Leadership is a lifestyle

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