Positive Habits II: Goal Setting And Making Things Happen

Most people get in touch with goalsetting when they start their first job. Suddenly there is someone who is setting goals for them that they have to achieve. I remember well my first job in a US based software company and especially this feeling of responsibility when spending other people’s money.

Unfortunately goalsetting for most people is limited to job. The problem is that most people experience goals as something they “have to do” which is usually not a positive feeling. Studies prove that the majority of people have jobs that they don’t like at all but never take the necessary step of initiating a change. This is where personal development can definitely help. High Performance Coaching provides the necessary clarity for making positive decisions.

Unfortunately in private life, people usually don’t set goals.

The reason is probably the mentioned experience in job. Therefore most people never really put thoughts into what they really want, beside fundamental stuff. Money, a house and so on.

Why is it useful setting goals in private life as well?

When I didn’t have full clarity on what I really want life for me was like a moving target. Or on the flipside: as soon as I knew, it started enabling me working towards my goals, every day and with every action I take. And therefore goal setting in private life is extremely useful for leading a happy, successful and exciting life!

Here’s an example of implementing a positive habit. I’m using one of my personal priorities: health

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes II. This was a serious diagnose for me which had the potential of messing up my life all together. I love enjoying the nature, go mountain biking and skiing, or more general: leading an active life.

So I did research on what I can do myself in order to improve the situation. In my case doctors were not really helpful as yes, they gave me prescriptions for diabetes drugs but never really motivated me to changing some of my long established habits which would have improved the situation.

Things changed when I was reading a book where several people said that in fact it is possible getting the disease to a state where drugs are not necessary anymore. That sounded so attractive to me that it immediately became my goal.

However, it required massive changes in nutrition and raising the amount of physical exercise per week. Then I was looking for a doctor who supported me in this, mainly via motivation – and then started my “health project.” After some time healthy nutrition and exercising simply became habits.

I’m proud to report that 2022 is year 7 (seven :)) in which I don’t need any kind of drugs anymore. I’m at normal weight and simply feel great!

Questioning and changing more habits actually helped improving my lifestyle even further in a very positive way 🙂

How did this work for me motivation wise?

The priority of staying healthy for me was important enough to make me change my lifestyle. My doctor played an important role as well concerning motivation. So I started setting appropriate goals, created plans and timelines-and started executing. Just like in business where as a thought leader in software I need to have a vision, strategy and a plan and then start executing.

The personal development journey started for me as part of a previous job. A couple of years ago I was sent I to a leadership training in the US which included some coaching sessions. And these skills helped my teams and me later achieving extraordinary goals

Have a great day everyone and make a difference!