Positive Habits I-Leadership and High Performance are a lifestyle

Hey, I’ve recently returned from Austria where I had a couple of fantastic vacation days as you can see here

I had rented an electric mountain bike (eMTB) as I like traveling environment friendly. And of course for having fun in this fantastic mountain scenery 🙂
For many years I have not been cycling but about six years ago, I have bought my first eMTB and it was suddenly “cool again”. Why? As there were software updates for engine, battery, display and so on and also an app which provided tremendous value like a mode where the level of engine support was controlled in a way that made sure that there is engine support for all of the trip. How cool is that? 🙂

And yes, as a C-Level Executive in software, I’m a technology fan as well 🙂

The rented eMTB has taken me everywhere, uphill, downhill and also for commuting.

So usually in the morning I have explored some mountain and then in the afternoon did a trip to the next city. Of course via eMTB. I must say this is not always that easy in Austria. The distance is only about 15 km but not necessarily always flat of course 😉

So, how did I motivate myself to make it happen anyway?

Well, I’m saying to myself: “ if I do this trip right now, then I will get a piece of cake when I’ve arrived“. For me this is good enough for doing it!

Motivation, energy, activity and positive habits are key for leadership and high performance. In business and for an active lifestyle!

For a couple of years now I’ve implemented regular exercise or an active lifestyle as a habit. In my case burning 3000cal a day. Especially in the beginning psychological tricks were helpful for me and most likely not only for me. I believe all humans tick like “if I get a reward, I’ll do it” 😉

How did I make sure to burn 3000cal everyday in Austria as well?
I picked a hotel that had an indoor pool and enjoyed swimming for 40 minutes in the morning. Prior to breakfast. As I went at 7 AM I had the pool just for me. And during the day I was using the the eMTB in this spectacular and extraordinary scenery 🙂

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Oh, and since I’m passionate about technology and psychology, I’m always open to interesting leadership positions in the software industry!

Have a great day today and make a difference!