Leadership Excellence

Thanks for reading my blog. Like me you’re obviously interested in leadership, personal development and in general: making things better than they are.

Let me introduce you to my leadership style as a C-Level Digital Executive in software and certified High Performance Coach. It can be summarized with the abbreviation PRISM. I like to remember it as (p) ositive thinking (r)esults (i)n (s)uper strong (m)otivation 🙂

Leadership Excellence is what I am striving for as it can cover my two main passions: technology & psychology.

P” like “positive” stands for purpose, passion or perseverance.
Studies have proven that people are way more engaged, motivated and finally successful when they understand and support the purpose of what they’re doing. In a company environment a leader is simply owing the team a positive purpose.

This purpose should be repeated over and over again in order to remind people. In Personal Development, having a defined purpose has the same importance: working towards a purpose, passion or goal provides feelings of satisfaction and happiness. Like in business the purpose can change depending on phase of life.

The „R“ doesn’t mean “results” here but relationships
We all know how important appropriate communication is for establishing productive and successful relationships. In business and in private life. In discussions, I personally like the rule that for every negative argument that is brought up by someone, ideally there should be 5 or more positive ones. Following that rule creates an open, constructive and positive atmosphere where everyone is welcome to bringing up new ideas. And this is definitely useful not only in business, but also in private life.

The “I’ stands for instilling energy
I guess we all made the experience that if we meet a motivated, highly energized person that this energy is kind of traveling from person to person. A positive minded leader can use this positive energy proactively. Think about informal meetings like in the office kitchen while enjoying a coffee, or at lunch. Everybody should feel responsible for the energy they bring into the room.

The “S” meaning strength spotting
For a leader it is simply an obligation to develop the team, raising motivation, making it better and more successful.

The idea is focusing on the strengths, not on the shortcomings of the person. This can be done by asking open questions like “what are you best at? What is your main interest? When is your energy at the top? Focusing on the strength of people makes everybody feel more happy and the company more successful. Also in private life, what do people like talking about? Yes, their strengths, things that they are good at 😉

And finally the “M” meaning mindset
We all get taught that lifelong learning is a necessity. Unfortunately reality shows that not too many people actually do. That’s what psychology calls a “fixed mindset”.

Learning new things every day, making new experiences, getting out of the comfort zone. I like the saying “life begins at the end of the comfort zone” :)

Also working on changing  negative habits into positive ones in order to staying energized, motivated and flexible. In times like now where digital is everywhere, an open mindset is simply mandatory!

Let me emphasize that leadership excellence is definitely not a sprint but more like a marathon. An ongoing process, just like personal development.

Interested in learning more? High Performance Coaching is life changing!

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Have a great day everyone and make a difference!