Leadership: Positive thinking is key to success – 5 benefits

Positive thinking makes not only the private life way more fun, fulfilling, productive and better, but also in business environments. Think about team members with a high motivation and satisfaction. They are usually more productive and have also more business success.

Here are 5 benefits that companies will experience when the leader is thinking in a positive and optimistic way.

Positive thinking is:

…helping teams staying calm when times get rough

The leader who stays positive and optimistic increases the likelihood that the whole team stays motivated and productive when stakes are pretty high.

…very healthy

Your energy level and motivation is definitely higher when you think positive. Multiple studies have proofen that that positive thinking is a differentiator. Over a longer timeframe, this make makes a huge difference. Positive thinking enhances creativity and visionary thinking and also improves productivity.

…the best recruitment tool one can have

As a C-Level Digital Executive in the software industry, I am fully aware how hard it can be to find open minded, highly skilled people, who also fit into the existing team. However, if the leader is able to establish a positive company culture, team members will talk about it externally which then makes hiring way easier. Who wouldn’t want to work in an open minded, positive atmosphere?

In a previous company I was able to raise revenue by 3.5x in 4 years by creating a positive working atmosphere! Leadership, creativity and motivation led eventually to extraordinary results.

…increasing productivity

Positive thinking people are way more likely to be active and more productive compared to others as their energy level is higher. This results in better productivity and business success.


Think a moment about situations where you been with positive and negative minded people and compare how you felt within each group. Positive thinking people are simply more attractive and usually have many people around them.

Have a positive day everyone and make a difference today!