Improve your leadership skills via exercising-10 good reasons

As a C-Level Digital Executive, I’m well aware of how stressful and exhausting the daily work can be. As a certified High Performance Coach I know how useful regular physical exercise is – in various ways. Unfortunately not too many leaders are practicing it.

Here are 10 good reasons for exercising on a regular basis which can help reducing the stress level and improving leadership skills.

Regular exercising can help with:

1. …Recharging energetically

We definitely become better leaders when we exercise because it allows us to refuel. When we are not physically fit enough or emotionally worn out, we can use sports as a source of energy. Do you feel depressed? Move!

2. …Improving the mental balance

Exercising has health benefits for our bodies related to reducing stress and anxiety, which can have a detrimental impact on how we behave and make decisions. Our emotional equilibrium can be strengthened by physical activity.

3. ..Improving overall and continuously

If there is anything that sports can achieve, it is to promote personal development and ongoing overall improvement. Sports are a catalyst for improvement and give us the willpower to help others alter poor behaviors for the better. The benefits of physical activity allow us to maintain our development path.

4. …Developing creativity

The time you spend practicing sports, you can also use it to reflect, because when you do exercise, your mind is free and you experience a peak in creativity which you can use to get new ideas and even visions.

5. …Making decisions

Making quick decisions and digesting information quickly are emphasized while participating in sports. Because it encourages resolute behavior, physical exercise benefits your leadership abilities. Additionally, if the sports you are practicing is team sports, you will learn how to create strategies and accomplish your objectives in a competitive setting.

6. …Raising inspiration

Practicing sports regularly requires discipline, perseverance and strength, which are qualities always related to leadership. By having a habit of regular physical exercise you can be a very positive a role-model for your team, a source of inspiration for those who wish to grow personally.

7. …Coordination between teams

Exercising or being familiar with any sports has an influence on the ability to coordinate joint actions and manage situations that require cooperation with other people and departments. For instance, an HR manager implementing a new training solution can use this experience to work and implement more effectively a training campaign.

8. …Enhancing self-confidence

Practicing sports is key to improving your leadership skills because its effects have a direct impact on the improvement of your self-confidence. Through exercise, you can train the ambition to achieve goals, which is an essential skill for any good leader.

9. …Improving Self-Control

Businesses today move quickly, and leadership styles have also altered significantly. Because of the erratic nature of the market and the portability of offices, the expectations in boardrooms and on the work are unpredictable. Self-control and self-awareness are becoming increasingly important.
What do we truly mean when we talk about having a decent degree of physical fitness? Being physically healthy requires more than just sticking to a tight diet and exercise schedule; it also involves choosing the correct foods to eat and maintaining a straightforward but consistent fitness program.

10. …Concentrating

We are constantly exposed to distractions in our daily lives. We need to give our minds a break from interruptions like phone calls and meetings and social media, but it can be difficult to entirely unplug. You might find the focus you require in sports to relax and prepare for action once more.

Therefore I’m proud to report that as a c-level executive and certified high performance coach I’m still accomplishing the goal of burning 100,000 cal per month – every month 🙂 It’s simply a matter of priority!

Let me close with an inspiring leadership quote by Steve Jobs:

My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better-Steve Jobs

Have a great day everyone and make a difference today!