Leadership, High Performance and Motivation

Hey, I’m back from another fantastic skiing trip to Austria. We were at another beautiful ski resort. Of course we knew the weather report prior to traveling there. So we had a couple of days with all sunshine, fresh air, lots of snow and the spectacular scenery. Let me elaborate a bit on why I did this trip:

One reason was of course the skiing experience. I’m skiing since I was a kid and for me skiing is simply exercising in a beautiful area. Above the tree line and on a sunny day it feels to me like being close to paradise.

Another reason was a motivational one: a positive experience like this allows me pulling motivation from for quite some time. An important aspect in times of a war in Europe plus a pandemic which is not over yet.

In my case the spectacular scenery is like an anchor to pull motivation from in current time. And positive thinking is key these days!

However this is easier said than done. As a C-Level Digital Executive and certified High Performance Coach I am aware that the key is having long-term goals and a long-term plan to stick to. Focusing on those aspects helps quite a bit motivation wise.

Im also very much used to creating motivation and energy purposefully

in order to #GettingThingsDone and making meaningful decisions

This can be done by performing individual positive activities. In my case e.g meditating, listening to music, playing chess or exercising. I‘ve created playlists depending on current mood. So when exercising I pick one that fits my mood and after some time things appear way more positive already… 😉

Motivation is definitely the basis for being highly productive and making meaningful decisions as a leader.

During the trip I’ve also fulfilled all of my my personal goals like reading at least one book (per week) and burning more than 3000 cal every day. Kind of difficult with skiing alone where my pulse is not too high, compared to running for example. This is why I started every day with 30 minutes of swimming at the hotel. So it was an all positive experience…which was the idea 🙂

Wishing everyone a great day! Stay healthy and make a difference today!