Leadership and High Performance are a lifestyle, in Business AND Private Life

The pandemic is still not over and 2.5 years of limitations are definitely a challenge. And lots of people are struggling. Let me share some thoughts that helped improving things for me, not only in these challenging times.

I just came back from a ski trip and as you can see in the picture, I had wonderful weather – sometimes. I was actually unsure if I should go at all and thought about it quite a bit.

Is it appropriate to travel to another country in the middle of a pandemic?Also, wearing masks would be required everywhere – like at home as well however. The weather report didn’t sound too promising either. As a C-Level Digital Executive and Certified High Performance Coach I actually live well with the following decision base:

If worst case happens, can I live with it or not?

Worst case would be: lots of stormy days that would prevent me from skiing or even worse: get infected.

So finally I booked a hotel and went. Of course during travel,, I had to wear a mask – all the time. I went environment friendly by train of course. And due to our federal system: The type of mask I had to wear was displayed on this big screen, depending on in what state I was currently in…;) As there were not many people on the train, the risk was actually pretty low.

When checking in, the guy at the hotel reception was kind of shouting at me like: “have you got a vaccination certificate? Otherwise you must leave again right away”. Of course I had the required certificate but it was a harsh reminder that the pandemic is still on 😉 Later it turned out that he’s actually a nice guy 🙂

Skiing was mostly OK, however even in T-Bar lifts I had to wear a mask-which doesn’t make sense at all by the way…I had some sunny days and then the weather turned bad. A pretty common thing in the mountains as the situation there can change within hours.

And here comes my decision base into play: I didn’t have any problem, not even on stormy days since I still went on top of a mountain on those and just read a book. I’m trying to learn something new and get a little better every day. Knowing this option in advance, I was OK with it.

As a positive thinking person, I just made the best out of it.

For staying up-to-date as a

C-Level Digital Executive/High Performance Coach, I’ve developed the habit of reading at least two books per week

Was it worth it?

Absolutely! It was a different environment, different people, different food and lots of new experiences. I can say that I had lots of fun.

Even on stormy days it was miles better than at home as I had SNOW – compared to just cold and rainy days back home 😉 Also there were not many people since aprés ski was not allowed! Just People there who see skiing as sports versus mainly a party event. And of course I have fulfilled all my daily workout goals as well 🙂

As human beings we always have a choice and usually multiple options.

I can strongly recommend evaluating all of them! Energy and motivation are key for progress. In doubt initially, the trip improved both massively for me! Not perfect at all but very, very positive 🙂

Have a great day and make a difference!