iPod, Music and Personal Development

Toronto, Canada – CN Tower

Apple announced to discontinue the iPod. A logical step for them of course. More or less from the beginning, Ipods have been part of my life as they were functioning well and elegant from a design standpoint.

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that exercising is an important part of my life since it allows generating energy, improving motivation and it also helps staying healthy. For many years the various iPods were therefore very important for me. The picture above was taken from the CN tower in Toronto many years ago and you can see the iPod ad (in green) on the right side.

Over the years the iPods got smaller and smaller. I remember well the relatively heavy iPod classic that I had to attach to my arm when running and of course I had to connect the earplugs via cable. The cables stayed for way too long. Later the iPod Shuffle was so small that I could easily attach it to my shorts and it didn’t hinder at all anymore, what an improvement back then!

Isn’t it amazing how far technology has come? Today I’m just using the Apple Watch which plays music, measures my pulse and also helps me find my way via GPS. Oh and it also eliminated the chest belt for heart rate measuring. So easy, elegant and useful.

As a C- Level Digital Executive I’m using the watch for two factor authentication with the various online services. Way easier than using the smartphone. In private life I appreciate that I can just use it for paying at the grocery store. Or when cycling, I’m using it as my navigation system.

As a certified High Performance Coach offering Executive Coaching, music also plays an important role as it is so powerful.

The “right music” can boost mood and well-being and help reducing stress. Studies have meanwhile proven that listening to music, like meditation is good for health.

When I say “right music’, I mean a set of playlists that I created.

So in the morning I pick an appropriate one that motivates me depending on my current mood. I like the saying

Music is what feelings sound like

as it hits the point from my point of view

Let me share my current morning routine that gives me power, motivation, happiness and success

  • Mediation for 15min using an app
  • Reading for 30min, no social media 😉
  • Exercising, currently gym and cycling, motivated by music 🙂 I make sure that I’m burning more than 3000 calories per day

Need help in changing habits or looking to enjoying a much more vibrant and success life?

Stay healthy everyone and make a difference!