#Leadership-Personal Leadership #6

My 2020 exercise goals were: running 1,200km and burning 1 million calories.

I am proud to report that I was able to fulfill both goals in October! πŸ™‚

On October 19th, I have completed 1,200 km of running and a couple of days later the second goal of burning 1 million cal. in 2020.

In October I did: 80 kilometers of running, 330km of cycling and was burning 102.535 calories

Some more detail:

Goal: 1200km, status: 1260km
Goal: 1 million, status: 1,044,585cal

During the year, my goals have shifted. The burning 100,000cal/month goal became significant. And it definitely is an ongoing challenge as it means burning more than 3,300cal. per day… πŸ˜‰

Cycling also got popular, as we had some really nice days in October. Burning 100,000cal/month allows me staying healthy and keep leading my very active and high performing lifestyle as a Digital Executive and High Performance Coach. And this is simply what I am aiming for!

In early November we got the second lockdown this year. Not as strict as in the beginning of the year but still challenging, especially for cultural organizations and artists. Shops stayed open while restaurants, bars, also my gym had to close again for all of November. However the country is very generous in compensating businesses financially. This can never be perfect, but is definitely great!

As a High Performance Coach and Digital Executive, I understand that this is again a challenging time for many people. Remember, crisis definitely makes leaders. I can only repeat that in many cases, crisis offers opportunity to improve or learning new skills. Or whatever is important to you. It is perfect if it’s possible to keep going, based on an already existing plan for the year.

Why am I publishing my personal exercise goals? I think leadership has a role model aspect as well. Like almost anything else, regular exercise, an a more healthy lifestyle can be implemented, if the willingness is there…

It is very true to say: No goals -> no progress. In anything!

Interested in leading a more vibrant, a more fulfilled life? As a High Performance Coach I’m more than happy to help! getintouch@steffenn.com

Stay healthy everybody and make a difference!