Holiday season and good intentions for 2023

Busy times! Like everybody, I’m getting some last minute Christmas presents. Some of them are self made and photo/video related .

I’m a huge fan of the iPad and I’m using IPads since they became available in 2010. A new product category back then which evolved over the years and it’s amazing what’s possible today. Currently I’m using an M2 iPad Pro.
Today I had the chance to try the well known and brand new DaVinci Resolve 18 – Ipad version!

The user interface differs a bit from the desktop version as it is adapted to the touchscreen interface. Of course we are talking about a heavyweight and complex video editing system, which definitely has a learning curve as soon as you try doing tricky things. However, I was very quickly able to work on a 4K60 video and then export it to a H265 file. The standard version is even a free download, so I can definitely recommend trying it!

For most people, year end is also the time of year when they think about what they want to do differently in the next year. Things like losing weight, doing more exercise, eating more healthy and so on. The best customers for Gyms are definitely those who sign up in January, and then stop showing up in March 😉 So what can you do to implement a habit and really stick to it?

Here are some tips that have worked great for me:

  • Like with everything, there is only progress if you are willing to set goals. The more specific the are, the better it is. For example, instead of saying “I want to eat healthier,” say “I want to eat at least three servings of fruits and vegetables every day.” And of course the goal must be small enough to be achievable because otherwise, you will lose motivation pretty quickly.
  • Create a plan for how you will reach your goal. This might include identifying potential obstacles, finding ways to overcome them, and setting up a schedule or routine to help you stick to your new habit.
  • Track your progress and celebrate your successes. This will help you see how far you have come and keep you motivated to continue.
  • Be patient and kind with yourself and remember that it definitely takes time to
    change a habit. It’s normal to have setbacks and challenges along the way. Don’t give up if you slip up – just get back on track and keep goin
  • And very important from a psychological standpoint: create an emotional connection to your goal. What will your life look like if you have succeeded in changing this habit? What is different then ? What does it feel like then?

I hope that this is somewhat helpful in case you have habits that you intend to change in 2023.

Need more support? Beside being a C-Level Digital Executive, I’m also a Certified High Performance Coach. Just click here in case….

Merry Christmas / Seasonal greetings to everyone and all the best for 2023!