Experiences with AI and 1,1 million :)

As a C-level digital executive, I’m passionate about latest technology.
Today I want to share experiences that I recently had with artificial intelligence.

Like so many I’ve tried ChatGBT and was extremely impressed about what’s possible. Of course I am aware that the discussion about it is very controversial but will help improving the product as currently it is more of a demo. It definitely has lots of potential and looks very positive to me!

Last week I had another experience with artificial intelligence, concerning one my credit cards.
I’m using an Apple Watch and for a couple of years already and using it as well for making payments, in this case grocery.

I was at the cash counter and for some reason the credit card didn’t work.

So I checked my watch and it said “card not available”. I opened the bank’s app which said „please scan the QR code”. Of course I didn’t have any QR code, all I wanted to do was logging into my account. Logging in via website didn’t work either as the website was referencing the app and vice versa.
So I sent them an email asking „hey, how can I can I access my account and get my credit card working again?“
As nothing really happened for a couple of days I called them and they explained to me how to access the account again. So far so good.

However, when looking at the transactions, I noticed a credit card transaction, saying „replacement credit card order“ and of course some charge with it. I actually I was confused as I definitely hadn’t ordered anything.
So I called them again and they said that the process of sending a new card was fully automated and that it should be OK. This means to me that

their artificial intelligence seems to have made the decision to send me a new credit card that I haven’t asked for and then even charged me for it!

The reason for replacing the card was never really explained to me and the only reason I can think of, is some type of suspicious transaction. But then it’s kind of weird that the customer should pay for the replacement card. Not really the customer service one is looking for…

Artificial intelligence is impacting daily life quit a bit and keeps improving which is very cool as it’s promising progress. A simple example is photo apps where you can magically remove objects just easy. A couple of years ago this was a possible as well, but a manual and unpleasant task. Or think about healthcare, where massive amounts of data are analyzed by algorithms in relatively short time compared to earlier. Definitely positive stuff!

Oh and concerning my credit card : I called them again and of course got the money back. In certain situations , speaking to somebody is obviously more powerful than machine learning 😉

Oh, and as a multiple times certified High Performance Coach who does personal development for more than 10 years, I’ve just completed my goal of burning 1,1 million calories in 2022 😉 Daily exercise is part of my morning routine, which gives me motivation, energy and drive for being successful 🙂

Have a great day everyone and make a difference today!