Positive Leadership: a suboptimal company culture!

This week I had a weird experience as I received 3 invoices for health services performed by a big hospital back in July 2022.

I was very surprised because at the beginning of my career I’ve done ERP/CRM for a couple of years. I still recall the complexity of ERP systems, especially on a bigger scale and with specific customizations. However, then I was thinking: 6 months needed for sending an invoice at all plus 4 weeks til customers start paying?

Many other companies would simply be out of business when providing services, but not sending invoices for 6 month while having to pay people, office space et cetera at the same time

Looking at this from a leadership perspective, it is fair to say that some of the business processes there are broken. Or in more detail: routines, habits, mentality.

In the companies I run as a CEO in the software industry (and certified High Performance Coach 😊 ) I love implementing a culture where everybody is aware of the business situation and feels responsible for, that the company does well.

Sharing the same common mindset!

And I mean everybody: not just the sales people but also the developers, the finance people, the marketing people…

Cultivating a culture so that people would say in such a situation: “hey, if we provide a service today, the invoice for that needs to be out next week-latest”

This hospital is well known for their great medical expertise and I would recommended for them a culture of that kind as well. I’m aware that this is way harder to do in a hospital than in a software company. But the idea still applies….

This is why I like to say: Leadership is getting things done!