Motivation Part 1# or moving the needle…

As we know from psychology, motivation is not “just there” and then causes activity, but just the other way round. Taking action CREATES motivation! With “moving the needle’, I want to say: sometimes, motivation develops a life of its own with unexpected, positive results… 🙂 See also my “Lifestyle Definition”

I’ve developed this habit of moving at least 30 minutes per day, in summer outside, in winter in a gym. Always prior to work, early in the morning.

As a business guy, of course I had to set a target for 2019 and break it down into quarters and months… 😉
In January I was able to over-achieve my monthly target as I really wanted to have a head start into 2019… 🙂

Last Saturday, Feb 23rd, my thinking was: 90% of my “already stretched monthly target” by Monday would be something! 🙂

To “keep the opportunity alive” I went Sunday morning as well and achieved the 90% by Monday, HURRAY 🙂

BUT: there was another challenge (or motivation 🙂 ): February is three days shorter than January, but hey, wouldn’t it be super cool to exceed January anyway? 😉

The picture above was taken on the way to the gym on Tuesday and was definitely motivating, so I did more than my minimum that day…

This morning , I achieved MORE than the January result and with THREE DAYS LESS, Yes!… 🙂

AND, as a Digital Executive I’m so used to thinking BIG 🙂 : 33% of yearly target in Q1 would definitely be something….We’ll see…

Stay tuned….