#Leadership – Personal Leadership #5

As the year goes by the number of infected people is rising again – and our government takes action again. However again in a very moderate way compared to other European countries. Of course you have to wear a mask here and there and gatherings of people area limited to a smaller number of people. At least for me: not a big deal if it helps keeping people safe and healthy. There is still no vaccine and science hasn’t fully understood the threat yet. The city I live in even allows these heaters again for a limited time for sitting outside. These are bad for the environment but can currently support the heavily impacted restaurants and bars economically.

Let me elaborate a bit about positive habits and change today: I guess no one would really question that healthy nutrition and regular exercise help improve motivation, well being and creating energy. As a Digital Executive and High Performance Coach I do “something” every day. Either running (still outside), cycling or going to the gym (still complicated).

On this sunny morning I had an interesting experience: I chose running outside and it was a very motivating experience. As I live in a big town I need to run the last piece back to my apartment on the foot walk with lots of cars passing.

So, I ran into a guy that I had been running with occasionally. He usually ran before going to the office. However today he wasn’t dressed in running gear but had a bag with rolls for breakfast in his hand. So I asked what happened? It turned out that he is on short-time work and prefers enjoying breakfast with his family every morning. My thinking was: great thing but shouldn’t be any hindering concerning running, should it? 😉

However this extraordinary event in his life obviously ended his positive habit of running regularly. He even said that he pretty much has lost motivation.

My skillset as a High Performance Coach helped me talking him into a running appointment for early next week. Maybe we can re-establish the positive habit? 😉

It‘s amazing that so many people don’t have any long-term plan when anything changes in their life. As pointed out in my last post – a plan is key. Change is experienced negative per definition by most people. Why? It often requires behavior change, new ideas, maybe new business models and so on. This is what I can help with as a certified High Performance Coach.

Successful positive minded Leader colleagues: in case you are interested, details here

High Performers care about their health

For me as a high performing Digital Leader and High Performance Coach it is simply a priority having my own body under control. How credible would I be otherwise as a high performing positive minded leader?

Here’s an update on my health goals for Q3/2020:

I‘m back on track concerning running 100km minimum per month: 102km in September! Plus 375km of cycling. This is what gives me the daily energy and motivation!

In total I’m at 97,13% of my running goal (1,200km) and 93, 2% of my burning calories goal (1 million in 2020) 🙂

Stay healthy everybody, keep moving and make a difference!