Changing Habits Part #6

Q1 is really a tough quarter. Work environment is different, it is way too crowded these days. Sometimes I even have to queue for specific tools and services! Especially in the morning, I need a positive, motivating atmosphere in order to succeed. Very hard to get in Q1. However, experience shows that Q2 will be better again.

This is not all good news however, as I’m actually not talking business, I’m talking exercising habits. In Q1 the gyms are crowed as people feel they have to change.

Way too many drop off in Q2 again as they simply lose motivation. What I try to do is, acting the very same way as in business: I define a yearly target, break it down to quarters and months. Of course and as in business, the challenge is, to keep motivation up. And this is a very individual thing: for me music works, new and changing playlists, matching the current mood. And of course celebrating specific results…. Meanwhile I am proud to say that I go 7 days a week and don’t even think about it anymore. It has become a habit…

My learning: the key to success is CHANGING HABITS, in business AND private life.